koben exchange

Pairs can choose a staking pool that allows your token holders to stake and earn kobenBNB/kobenETH or any base kobenWRAP directly, or you can choose to bypass it and earn 0.2% of all sells directly into a team wallet for marketing, charity, or project developments.

SmartSwap technology allows users to standard swap or "smart" swap. SmartSwap is designed for swing traders and offers up to 50%+ less gas and saves transaction fees on frictionless tokens while internally swapping inside the swap contract.

Internal liquidity locking features are built to streamline the process tremendously.

Smart Liquidity with the ability for users to utilize 1-sided liquidity with add/remove features provides a more direct process for auto liquidity adding and rebalancing.

The ability to utilize sell limit circuit breakers that can be adjusted helps to stabilize volatile markets.

Auto-slip technology allows users to never have to fumble around with all of the errors that they receive on other swaps.

Frontrunning bot protection - Our priority is the security of all community members and investors’ assets; this feature shines when it comes to protecting liquidity pools!

The ability to utilize koben perpetual faucet technology (kobenfaucet) allows users the ability to claim free tokens. Every day. Forever. (Seriously.)

kobentrack will allow listed tokens on kobenex to list their token on the application, so all users can easily track token rewards and statistics.

kobenchart will be our high-end version of charting for kobenex. Users will be able to track and chart every token listed on kobenex.



koben Token is a hyper-deflationary DeFi token built to succeed!

The main idea behind koben Token is to provide a decentralized transaction network, which operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20). The path forward for koben Token is determined by market fluctuations, but the model it runs on begs koben Token to succeed.

koben Token is a hyper-deflationary token with a maximum circulating supply of 50 (Billion) on the Binance Smart Chain that involves an inaccessible burn wallet. Depending on each holder’s percentage of ownership, a 2% transaction tax is distributed among all holders—this includes the burn wallet, which is essentially a holder that collects more tokens over time as transactions occur. As the circulating supply decreases, the scarcity of the token increases. This inversely proportional relationship constitutes a supply and demand model. There is no limit as to how many tokens can be burnt. Without a burning limit, holders get to enjoy a never-ending cycle of passive income with positive price pressure!



koben Token is fully decentralized. There is no one main owner of the token. All decisions are made in the community’s favor.

Burn rate

Each transaction triggers a burn rate of 1%*, which decreases the circulating supply of koben over time.


koben Token rewards its holders with a 1%* tax on each transaction to punish weak hands.

Further development

koben Token’s vision is to advance further into the cryptocurrency and DeFi spaces by releasing innovative products, which will ensure the sustainability of the token.

*Actual percentage is dependent on the size of the burn wallet.



Breakdown of the koben tokenomics.

Token Symbol




No Presale
No Team Tokens


  • Design & creation ✔️
  • Marketing Team initiates campaigns ✔️
  • Further ecosystem development ✔️
  • FOMO partnership ✔️
  • kobenstake launched ✔️
  • Smartswap idea sparked ✔️
  • kobenex partner listings ✔️
  • kobenex charts ✔️
  • kobenfaucet launches as a frictionless reward faucet ✔️
  • kobenlottery ✔️
  • kobenex Smartswap testing ✔️
  • kobenwrap launched ✔️
  • Perpetual marketing fund ✔️
  • kobenex SmartSwap launched ✔️

  • kobenex auto-add pairs functionality
  • kobenex direct swap functionality
  • kobenex to be SmartDeFi-ready
  • kobenexkobenWRAP implementation
  • kobenshop v2
  • kobenstats
  • kobencharts

  • kobenex trading pair listings
  • First SmartDeFi tokens launch
  • kobentrack v2
  • kobenstake v2
  • kobenex CEXDEX (Bridge)
  • kobencentral to implement kobenblog and kobenedu
  • kobenex UI redesign
  • Continuous improvement of kobenex and the koben Token ecosystem

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